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Hampshire Doctor Specialising in
Anti-Ageing Treatments. Based in Hartley Wintney, Hook.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

You may notice an increase in wrinkles on your face as you age. Whilst wrinkles are part of who we are, many people prefer a smoother look. This can be achieved with anti-wrinkle injections.


Commonly known by the brand name Botox, this treatment has both restorative and preventive benefits.  It’s primarily used to smooth out existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones, with results lasting anywhere from 12-16 weeks.

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Smoothing out and refreshing

  • Natural-looking results without surgery

  • Enhances your appearance and emotional wellbeing

  • Smooths out existing wrinkles

  • Helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles

  • It’s a low-risk, safe, minimally invasive procedure

  • The procedure is not painful. I use very fine needles

  • Results are semi-permanent, lasting up to four months 

  • You have control over the results

  • Fast recovery time, you don’t need to take time off for healing

  • The procedure itself is quick, only taking ten to fifteen minutes 


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Natural-looking results without surgery

Smooths out existing wrinkles & helps prevent formation of new ones

Lasts from 12 to 16 weeks

How do anti-wrinkle treatments work?


The treatment works by causing a relaxation of the muscle by blocking the transmission of neurotransmitters responsible for muscle contraction.  It smooths existing wrinkles and reduces the formation of new wrinkles by preventing excessive muscle and skin movement. 

What areas can be treated?


Areas treated include frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet (around the eyes) as well as bunny lines, chin dimpling, gummy smile and smoker's lines.  


It can also be used for facial slimming, lifting the neck and excessive underarm sweating.

Please be aware that the injections will take a few days to work so the results are not immediate and tweaks can be made should you require them afterwards 

Would you like to know more?

Visit our frequently asked questions or book a free consultation.    

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